SBA Form


How it works

  • Check your financial eligibility using the MIS calculator. The MIS thresholds apply to all applicants to SBA
  • Take a look at our Exclusions before you apply
  • You can save your answers and resume later if you wish. An email link will be sent to the email address you provide
  • When you have finished, press 'Submit Form' to send it to us. We recommend you print a copy for your own reference
  • We will review your details. If you are eligible, we will ask one of our volunteer Area Representatives to contact you to discuss your application in person. You will be advised who this volunteer in advance and can request a substitute if there are potential conflicts. All your discussions with SBA take place in strict confidence
  • The Area Representative's findings form the basis of a report which is presented to SBA's Committee, which meets every month. We will write to you after this meeting has taken place to let you have our decision.
  • If you are applying solely for the Renovo career transition programme, there is no need to meet an SBA volunteer. Our next step, after talking things through with you, will usually be to submit your request to the SBA Committee for a decision.