SEND Local Offer Survey


1. Hello, My name is Karen and I manage the SEND Local Offer website (and also the AfCinfo website) for Achieving for Children.

The SEND Code of Practice sets out high expectations for the Local Offer and expects it to meet the needs of many user groups. This is not always easy to do consistently.

The Local Offer website was developed in coproduction with families, young people and professionals from the outset and it has already seen many updates and been redeveloped in response to your feedback and user experience.  However,  the Local Offer will continually be growing and the website will never be a finished project. AfC value and appreciate your input and expertise and would like to invite you to complete this survey to tell us how we are doing at this point.

Here is a link to the Local Offer section of the AfCinfo site for reference. 

All responses are captured anonymously

Please note: This survey is not aimed at young people. Separate surveys or focus groups will be held to capture the views of children and young people.

Thank you Karen

Please tell us whether you are:


2. How did you find out about the SEND Local Offer website for Kingston and Richmond?


3. If you didn't know about the Local Offer before completing this survey please suggest how or where would have been the best way of you finding out?


4. How often do you use the Local Offer website ?


5. Which parts of the Local Offer do you use?


6. Please rank these features in order of usefulness with 1 being the highest score.


7. The information and advice sections are set out in subject headings. Please tell us how you rank the current usefulness or quality of the information in each section with 1 being the highest score. There is a comment box for you to tell us reasons for your ranking.


8. Could you suggest any changes or additions to these subject headings.


9. Currently the Assessment, Education and Health Care Planning Section (containing the Golden Binder) is the one of the first sections displayed on the Information and Advice pages. We have received feedback that information about Early Intervention and Support should be set out on the website before the Assessment section. Do you agree or disagree with this suggestion?


10. The Young People's Hub is intended to be a space managed with young people to provide information and a voice for young people on the website. We need to think very carefully about how we manage and resource this for it to be useful.

One suggestion for the Young People's Hub would be to invite schools and groups to "guest edit" the Hub. Children and young people with SEND attending special schools, resourced provisions, mainstream schools or organisations and groups could be supported to provide one piece of content under each of the main headings - Experience, Views and Information.



11. Please tell us which of the following additional areas on the Local Offer you were aware of.


12. Please tell us what you think works well and is helpful about the Local Offer website and why.


13. Please tell us what does not work well and why.


14. If you were managing the website and could make one change what would it be ?


15. Which of the following statements most matches your views about the look, feel and tone of the website?


16. How could we improve or change the look, feel and tone of the website?


17. Can you tell us about any gaps in the information on the Local Offer that you would like to see added.


18. Please use this field to tell us any other suggestions or ideas that you have for developing the Local Offer or for engaging with parents and partners to do this.