Planning for our shared future

We’ve set out a number of options in ‘Planning for our shared future’, designed to respond to customer feedback and aligned with our three commitments.  

In each case, taking on the extra activity could increase our costs, which would be passed on to customers in their gas bills.  Our current costs for an average use customer are £136 a year; that’s what we charge for maintaining and growing the networks of pipes and equipment that deliver a safe and reliable gas supply. 

We want you to tell us if you’d value SGN delivering these services or changes.  We’re simply collecting your feedback at the moment, so our costs are not going to change now – if at all.   We’ll use your feedback to help us shape our five-year business plan for 2021-2026, which will be reviewed by Ofgem, our regulator.   

If you don't have any feedback on a specific idea feel free to skip that question.