Get in to Summer for Teens in Stewarton

Stewarton Youth Holiday Programme

This registration will allow you to register to attend our Summer Holiday Programme in Stewarton Area.
This programme targets 11-17year olds within Stewarton and surrounding areas.
Sessions have limited availability due to Covid19 Restrictions, please ensure you register for all activities you plan to attend.

If you can no longer attend,  you should contact to cancel your booking. 

Sessions run for 2 hours and are mostly outdoors. This means no toilet facilities.
A packed lunch will be provided at all session so please ensure you note any dietary requirements you may have.

Mocktail Making: Learn and experiment with your taste buds! Are you making a Super Sour Blaster or a Tropical Sunshine smoothie. It is also a time to chill out with friends in the sunshine!
Available @ Monday 5th July, 6.30- 8pm at Stewarton and Tuesday 3rd August, 6.30-8.30pm at Kilmaurs.

Movie Night and Munchies: Come along to our Summer Youth Group, choose a film to watch and scoff your face with your favourite goodies! 
Available: Tuesday 6th July, 6.30-8.30pm @ Kilmaurs and Monday 2nd August, 6.30-8.30pm @ Stewarton

Bubble Football: Flips, Football and Bouncy fun. Everyone loves out Bubble Footballs!
Available: Wednesday 7th July, 2-4pm @ Stewarton

Messy Day: It's not just tots that like to make a mess! Come along and make some slime, do face paint, messy twister. Make sure you wear old clothes!!!
Available: Thursday 8th July,2-4pm@ Stewarton 

STEM Rocket Challenge: How high can you launch your water Rocket, 20m? 100m? Make, Learn, Play!
Available: Monday 12th July, 2-4pm @ Stewarton

Fires and S'mores: Build a fire, chill with your mates and eat some delicious melted marshmallows. What's not to love?
Available: Monday 19th July, 2-4pm @ Kilmaurs

Bite and Blether: Our Summer Youth Group will put on a delicious spread of pizzas and food to munch. Chat with a Youth Worker and just relax.
Available: Monday 19th July,6.30-8pm @ Stewarton

Photography Fun: We live in a world of photography, try out your photography skills and learn how to use your camera to its maximum potential!
Available: Tuesday 20th July, 6.30-8.30pm @ Kilmaurs

Sports Day: It's our very own sports day to celebrate the Olympics. Challenge yourself with some our favourite games we think should be part of the Olympics!
Available: Monday 26th July, 2-4pm @ Kilmaurs 

We have some extra trips and visits planned and information will come out very shortly for booking these, the dates of these trips will be:
Tuesday 13th July: Troon Beach Day. We will head to Troon, build some castles, get some ice-creams and build some holes!

Activity Days- We are hoping to have a fun activity day. Information will come out shortly dates are:

Wednesday 28th July: Dumfries House Visit- FULLY BOOKED

Friday 30th July:  ACE- Canoe Day- FULLY BOOKED​​​



1. Information:


2. What sessions would you like to register for? *


3. To register to attend our Activity Days please check the dates below.
These sessions will likely be 10-4pm and be a visit away from the local area.
Participants will be transported, lunch provided and all activities paid for.

We will require a consent form to be completed prior to attending session and will organise this with you via email or at another session


4. To help with reporting for our funding, can you please indicate if you fall under any of these categories:

*Please note, this data will be kept confidential and only used for total figures of participation not individual cases.


5. Publicity photographs and video/film footage may be taken at our sessions and used by East Ayrshire Council for a period of 1 year in printed materials and on social media (including East Ayrshire Active Schools Twitter). I agree to photographs and/or film being taken of my child

Participants must be registered prior to attending. This is for Covid19 Restrictions. 

You will NOT be emailed with confirmation of booking so please take a note of all activities you have signed up for. If we see that sessions are at capacity we will email to let you know your booking was not successful. 
For trips and visits, we will require you to complete a consent form at least 48 hours prior to the visit. You will be emailed instructions. 


Covid Information
If you/your child or anyone in your household has ANY symptoms you are NOT ABLE TO ATTEND!
Safety is our biggest priority but we also want you to have fun!