Suffolk Five Ways to Wellbeing 2019


1. Have you heard of the Five Ways to Wellbeing?


2. Which Suffolk branded resources have you seen?


3. Which Suffolk branded resources have you used?


3a.Tell us how you have used the Suffolk branded resources you have ticked?


4. Which Suffolk branded resources do you intend to use?


4a. Are there any other Five Ways to Wellbeing resources not listed here that you might use?

Please give details.


4b. Give an example(s) of things you do to make time for your wellbeing?


4c. For the example(s) you have given in 4b: which of the Five Ways to Wellbeing do you think of it (them) as being? You could identify more than one.


5. Were you doing this activity (these activities) already or is it something new?


6. What more could be done to promote Five Ways to Wellbeing? If you can support this, please tell us how and include your contact details in your answer.


7. Any other comments you would like to add?