SCA Strategic Review 2021

1. SCA Strategic Plan

The Scottish Council on Archives is developing a new strategic plan. As part of this process, we are keen to hear from our many members and stakeholders to inform our decisions and direction over the next five years.
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1. What is your role or association with SCA? (tick all that are appropriate) *


2. In your own words, what is the main purpose of SCA?


3. What do you think should be SCA’s priorities over the next five years?

Very importantSomewhat importantNeither important or unimportantSomewhat unimportantNot important
Capacity Building
Education and Outreach
Access to Archives
Advocacy and Impact
Community Engagement
Other (please specify below)

4. How would you rate SCA’s impact?

Very highHighAverageLowVery lowNot sure
Networking opportunities
Peer learning
Community engagement

5. What do you think SCA does best?


6. What could it do better?


7. Do you believe that SCA has a leadership role for the archives and records management sector?


8. What are the main issues facing your sector which SCA could do more to help with?


9. What external sectors/organisations would you like to see SCA engage with?


10. Are you willing to be interviewed to give us more insight into how we can develop as an organisation?


11. Additional comments