You are being invited to take part in the ‘Head Injuries (TBI) & Health Outcomes Survey’. Before you decide if you want to take part, it is important that you understand why the study is being carried out and what it will involve.

This survey was developed by Scientists at BRAVO VICTOR in partnership with Researchers from the Disability Trust (UK) and Monash University (Australia). 
The purpose of the survey is to explore how many people have experienced some form of head injury in the past, the experiences of people who have had a head injury compared to those who have not, and common symptoms and health effects following a head injury. You do not need to have had a head injury to take part in this study. You need to be at least 18 years old and living in the UK to participate. This data will be analysed and the findings from this study will be published in the form of research articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals. You may choose to be entered into a prize draw upon completion of the survey by providing a valid email address. There are 10 x £100 Post Office or Amazon vouchers available to win (only one entry per person, and one voucher per person).

This survey will ask you about your history of head injury, current status, general health and feelings. Some of the topics discussed in the survey may be sensitive. If you feel uncomfortable or distressed during the survey, you are welcome to stop doing the survey at any time. If you feel that completing the survey affected you, we strongly encourage that you contact your general practitioner who will be able to provide the correct support and advice. 

Your participation in this research study is entirely voluntary and you are under no statutory or contractual obligation to participate. You may withdraw your participation at any time. Your personal data will not be subjected to any automated processing for the purposes of this research. You can find all information about your rights as a participant in the Participant Information sheet at ​ 
All information obtained in this questionnaire will be kept confidential and de-identified prior to any research use. Your identity will not be disclosed. All de-identified information will be stored anonymously and separate from your personal information. The personal data provided within this survey will not be transferred outside of the European Economic Area without your specific agreement. The named study researchers are: Syeda Hussain, Scientist, BRAVO VICTOR; Professor Renata Gomes, Chief Scientific Officer, BRAVO VICTOR.
If you have any concerns or questions we encourage you to email the lead researcher Syeda Hussain at, or BRAVO VICTOR at UK legislation provides you with a number of individual rights, more information is available from our Privacy policy located on our website at