Fireworks - Petitions Committee
Share your views on fireworks

You're probably here because you care about fireworks. Lots of you have contacted us to explain how you feel and we'd like to find out more. 

The Petitions Committee have opened an investigation into fireworks after nearly 750,000 people signed petitions about fireworks in the last three years. The Committee will write a report on their findings and hold a debate in Parliament. The Government will have to respond.  

Your responses to this survey will help the Petitions Committee to find out more about the effects fireworks have on people, animals and the environment. 

Any information you share with us might be used in the report, talked about in the debate or used to promote the work of the Committee in the press and on social media. Sometimes thousands of people watch debates and the things that MPs say might be reported in the press.

We won't use your name and you will be anonymous, but don't tell us anything that you don't want to be made public.

We need your comments by midday on Monday 26 March.

Thanks for helping us understand more about how people are affected.