Trainers - Theory test improvement survey
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The theory test is a critical part of ensuring that those individuals driving on the road are qualified to do so. We are, currently, working to understand what you think of the theory test and how it may be improved in the future. As someone who has booked a theory test, we would welcome your views. 

Data protection

Taking part in this survey is voluntary. 

What will happen to the information I give you?
The majority of responses in this survey are multiple choice with no personal data collected except for some general demographic data. There are free text fields for comment but we ask that you do not include any personal information in your responses. Your IP address will be collected but as DVSA cannot identify you from this information; it is not considered personal data for the purposes of this survey.  All of your responses will remain confidential and will be stored securely. You will at no point be individually identified or identifiable to anyone outside of DVSA and your personal details will not be part of any published results. Responses will be aggregated and the raw data destroyed after the research is complete. 

DVSA will not share or pass your details on to any other organisation.

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What do I do if I want some more information about this research?

Please email us at quoting 'theory test' in the subject line if you have any further questions about this research.

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