AHRC Treescapes Workshops

These sessions aim to provide an overview of the Future of UK Treescapes programme with an introduction from the newly appointed Programme Ambassadors. Stakeholders will provide an insight into their work and highlight how the Arts and Humanities community can respond to stakeholder need with specific reference to the Treescapes programme.
While you can sign up for one or the other, we would recommend attending both if at all possible.
Session 1 – Thursday 8 October – 13:30-15:30

In this session we want to provide an overview of the programme, with perspectives from the AHRC, NERC and the Treescapes Programme Ambassadors. We will explore how Arts and Humanities (A&H) researchers can engage with the programme and we will have several presentations which will consider the drivers for the programme and highlighting previous successes and challenges of past programmes.
Session 2 – Tuesday 13 October – 10:30-12:30
In this session we want to explore and identify significant areas that A&H can contribute to a better understanding of values and functions associated with treescapes, and how this contribution can help shape more resilient treescape strategies for the future. We will look to discuss the practicalities of how A&H researchers might get involved in consortia and how they can input into proposal design from the earliest stages. To aid discussion participants will be placed into groups with provocations from facilitators which will then be discussed and fed back to the wider group.
For further background information on Treescapes programme and call for proposals please see:




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