Fo4 - Mental health in prisons

1. BBC Radio 4 - File on 4 questionnaire

BBC Radio 4's current affairs documentary series 'File on 4' is making a 40-minute programme to be broadcast on the 15th March about mental illness in prisons and the problems transferring inmates to hospitals in the community. 
We are trying to establish the extent of mental illness in prison, how many prisoners need hospitalisation, levels of training and your personal experiences as a prison officer. 
We'd be grateful if you could fill out the attached questionnaire. It only has five questions so should only take a few minutes.  
The first four questions are for prison officers working in the prison estate. The fifth is just just for those who work in high security psychiatric hospitals/secure psychiatric units in the community. 
The data collected is anonymous and we will only use the results to inform BBC coverage of this issue. No names or information about individual survey participants will be published without their explicit consent.
We would be grateful if you could complete the survey by March 2nd 

Many thanks, 

1. How often do you deal with mental illness amongst prisoners?


2. How often do you deal with inmates who you think should be in hospital rather than prison?


3. Do you think you’ve been given adequate training on how to deal with inmates who suffer with mental illness?


4. With your experience as a prison officer, please give us any further comments you have about issues accessing the right treatment for prisoners with mental health problems (if you wish, you can enclose your contact details if you’re happy for us to contact you)


5. With your experience working in a high security psychiatric hospital or secure unit in the community- please give us any comments you have on what problems affect your unit’s ability to take or treat patients referred from prison (if you wish, you can enclose your contact details if you’re happy for us to contact you)