Travel Grants for PhD Students and Early Career Scientists (non-competitive grants)


1. Terms & conditions
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These grants are processed on a monthly basis so we strongly recommend that you complete and submit your application by midnight (UK time) on the last day of each calendar month. In addition, the first three working days of each calendar month are reserved for maintenance work on the scheme. You will be unable to start, continue or submit an application.

Please note that all incomplete applications will be deleted at the beginning of every month.
Please read carefully before applying.
  1. Applicants must be a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry at time of application.
  2. Applications must only claim for travel expenses. Applications with claims for accommodation, subsistence and registration fees will not be considered.
  3. Applicants can only have one active application at a time. Applicants may not simultaneously apply for a non-competitive and competitive grant.
  4. These grants are available to PhD students, post-doctoral researchers within 10 years of completion of a PhD, members working in industry within 10 years of leaving full time education and technicians within 10 years of leaving full time education. Restrictions exclude time for career breaks, parental leave, etc.
  5. These grants are awarded on a first come, first served basis and are restricted to one person per research group.
  6. Each member can be awarded one grant per calendar year. This does not preclude you from also receiving a competitive Travel Grant in the same calendar year. These, however, must be for different events. Please note that applications submitted in December will count towards the next calendar year, as decisions will only be made in January.
  7. The conference or workshop applied for must be centrally organised by the RSC. See below for a full list of eligible meetings. 
  8. Travel expenses should be minimised in any way possible. In particular, where possible use second class and cheap day return or other concessionary rates, taking advantage of advance purchase and rail cards.
  9. The participant should acknowledge support from the RSC in any presentations made at the meeting.
  10. Money will be paid on successful application. Any unused funds remaining after conclusion of the activity should be returned to the RSC.
  11. We request a brief report be submitted after the conference, outlining the benefits to you from participation in the meeting.
  12. Please ensure you submit your application by the deadline for your meeting (detailed in the table below). Applications that miss their deadlines will not be considered.
  13. Applicants may only receive one grant from the RSC per activity. If you have already received funding from other RSC sources for the same activity, you must inform us immediately. This includes funding from Interest Groups. However, this does not include our Grants for Carers and applicants may receive both grants for the same trip.
  14. Applicants may apply for a competitive grant if they do not receive a non-competitive grant.
Meetings eligible for these grants are:
Meeting name Application deadline
Chemical biology symposium 31 March 2020
Directing Biosynthesis VI 30 April 2020
Biological and bio-inspired optics Faraday Discussion 31 May 2020
New horizons in density functional theory Faraday Discussion 30 June 2020
Peptide-membrane interactions Faraday Discussion 30 June 2020
Chemical Science Symposium 2020: How can machine learning and autonomy accelerate chemistry? 31 July 2020
Air quality in megacities Faraday Discussion 30 September 2020