1. Virtual Study Group - European Study Group with Industry 162 (ESGI 162)

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The information supplied on this form will be shared with V-KEMS partners and the ESGI 162 organising committee.

20-24 July 2020

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( to maximise the effectiveness of the study group, allow smooth group working and clear communication, it MAY be necessary to limit the group sizes and as a consequence meeting size).

To achieve this, we will aim to maximise the range of background/expertise covered. For those unable to participate - we will provide details of the meeting output and highlight opportunities for future involvement. *


6. Times.

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7. Talks MAY be recorded (subject to speaker permission). Your image may be captured during subsequent Q&A sessions. If your image is captured are you happy for the recording to be made available? *


8. If you have any questions relating to this meeting, please add them here and a member of the ESGI-162 organsing committee will reply to you.