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2. Please enter your email address, using lower and higher case where required. *


3. Please supply your primary contact number
(preferably a mobile number. This will be used for contact with you on the day of the march, and prior to the march date for organisation and planning where required) *


4. What March/Rallies do you wish to volunteer at? *


5. Do you have a current First Aid Certificate? *


6. Are you trained in defibrilator use? *


7. Do you have any level of First Aid qualification, or any relevant First Aid experience but are unqualified?
(Please note it is not mandatory to be First Aid qualified as the AUOB First Aid team operates on a volunteer samaratin basis) *


8. Do you have, and will you use your own First Aid Kit?
(if not, a kit can be made available to you for use on the day) *


9. Are you happy to work as part of a team? *


10. Have you ever volunteered before with AUOB? *


11. Do you have any mobility issues we should be aware of? *


12. If Yes to above question, can you please give us more information.


13. Is there any further information you wish to add, Anything that is missing from the above questions that you think would be relevant and useful to us to know and be informed about?


14. Why do you support an Independent Scotland?

DISCLAIMER:Any personal information provided on this form is used strictly for contact with yourself and to coordinate a successful event to which you wish to particpate in, phone contacts may be used for coordination and quick contact on the day..
ALL UNDER ONE BANNER (AUOB) will not share or sell your information with any other data controller and will only use the information you give us to keep you informed about issues, campaigns and events which you have shown an interest in and relevant to you. If you have any queries please contact
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