Please report discrimination, harassment, or microaggression you experience within the Lattice Conference community. All reports will be investigated by the Lattice Diversity and Inclusion Committee. 

Reports can also be made by email or in person to any of the members of the LDIC:

Christopher Aubin
Gunnar Bali
Luigi Del Debbio
William Detmold
Vera Guelpers
Sophie Hollitt
Huey-Wen Lin
Liuming Liu
Sinead Ryan
Fernanda Steffens


1. Describe the misconduct with as much or as little detail as you see fit. *


2. If you would like the LDIC to contact you regarding this incident, please provide your contact details and which member of the committee you would like to talk to if you have a preference. We will do everything possible to keep your identity private to the committee if you do provide it.


3. Do you wish the LDIC to contact the person/group that is involved in the misconduct? If so, please include name(s) in the description above or in the comment field below. First warnings will be non-specific and will not directly reveal your identity (although it may be inferred by the person/group) and will be discussed with you before hand if you have indicated you want to be contacted.

[Examples of how we might approach the individual/group are “Someone in a session today found the way you addressed your questions to a speaker quite patronizing and aggressively dismissive” or “An attendee at the conference felt uncomfortable being touched by you.”]


4. Do you wish to be contacted if other people make complaints about the same person/group as you? If so, please provide contact details as above.

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