House of Lords Public Services Committee- Lessons from Coronavirus

The House of Lords Public Services Committee is investigating the lessons to be learnt from Coronavirus and is looking at what coronavirus can teach us about how public services can be improved in the months and years ahead.

As a group that tends to have a high level of interaction with public services, the Committee would like to hear from older people about their experience of services during coronavirus, and how they think services could be improved going forward. 

The survey shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes to complete and will assist the Committee in its work.

Briefly, describe what help you received from Age UK during lockdown; How did it help you?


1. How would you manage if that help wasn’t available?


2. Have you been supported in accessing digital services during lockdown?


3. How do you feel about using digital technology?


4. Thinking about before and during lockdown, what changes would you like to see made to the help you have received in the future?