OX4 Food Crew - You and food

What is this about?
Did you know, volunteers from 'OX4 Food Crew' have been providing food bags and hot meals to the community every week for over three years! Between us we now provide food for over 300 households in OX4 area. This is from our groups - Oxford Community Action (OCA), Oxford Mutual Aid (OMA), and Waste 2 Taste (W2T).
What do we want to know and why?
We've never asked you about what difference the food bags and hot meals have made to you and your family. We know that things are getting more expensive all the time, and it is getting harder. What else could we or others be doing to support you with the cost of living?

Oxford Community Action are leading on 'community research' to listen to the ideas and views of everyone who is part of the food delivery -  and what ideas, actions and practical solutions communities and others can build together. What they hear from you will help better support and build action for change.

Who are Healthwatch Oxfordshire?

Healthwatch Oxfordshire is supporting them to do this. Healthwatch Oxfordshire is an independent charity for people who use health and social care services. It listens to what matters to local people and makes sure their views are heard by the people who make decisions about how those services are provided. We will make sure what we hear is reflected to those who can make a difference.

This survey is anonymous - you do not have to say who you are and we will not identify you- but we would love to hear your views!

To read Healthwatch Oxfordshire privacy policy, click here.

If you would like the questionnaire in another format or language, or if you would prefer to talk to us, please ask us at Oxford Community Action, or call Healthwatch Oxfordshire on 01865 520520 or email  hello@healthwatchoxfordshire.co.uk.

1. Consent to use your comments.
This survey is anonymous - this means you don't have to say who you are, and you cannot be identified. We need to know if you are happy for your anonymous comments to be used in joint reports (Oxford Community Action, OX4 Food Crew and Healthwatch Oxfordshire) on what we have heard. Healthwatch Oxfordshire is responsible for making sure all your feedback is managed safely and securely. Are you happy for your anonymous comments to be used in reports. Please choose Yes or No: *


2. Tell us who your food delivery comes from? (tick any that apply)


3. How long have you been getting food this way?


4. How many in your household does the food bag provide for?


5. How is the cost of living affecting you and your family and the way you live now?


6. Tell us about why you get a food bag or meal delivery (tick any that apply)


7. What - if anything - makes it difficult to find the food of your choice and culture in Oxford?


8. What other support would help you manage the cost of living?


9. Please add anything else you would like to tell us about the food delivery, any suggestions for improvement - or about the cost of living and its impact to you or those living in OX4


10. Food growing can be a great way to bring community together for fun, getting out, meeting people and sharing food. Would you be interested in joining with others to grow your own food together?


11. If members of the community wanted to grow food together what would encourage you to be involved?