We are planning a festival one day, maybe two, in September, to celebrate 10 years of Arachne Press and nearly 50 books, and we'd like your input. Tell us your favourite story from each of our books of stories (that you've read, obviously!)
there are LOADS to choose from.
Not read them all yet? You can buy a copy from us. There will be monthly deals on different books in the run up to September, and a prize draw which you can join in with, to win a selection of books, if you give your email!

There are several versions of this survey as we are using a free one and can only have 15 questions... so this one is Just for Solstice Shorts books... because we are treating them differently this year.
Because we are having the 10th Anniversary shindig we can't manage Solstice Shorts as well, plus we want to wait for the next time Solstice falls at the weekend. In the meantime we are having this vote, and a competition, and we will be producing an ebook of the best of... including the best entries from the competition, and next year, a print book.
So for this survey only you can choose more than one favourite from each book.

1. If you would like to take part in the prize draw, please give us an email


2. My Favourite stories from Solstice Shorts: Sixteen Stories about time are:


3. My Favourite Stories/ Poems from Shortest Day Longest Night are:


4. My favourite poems/stories from Dusk are


5. My Favourite Poems/Stories from Noon are:


6. My Favourite poems/ stories from Time and Tide are:


7. My favourite poems/ stories from Tymes Goe By Turnes are:


8. My Favourite poems/ stories from Words from the Brink are:

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