Raising Concerns

Message from Dr Ian Steele, Postgraduate Medical Dean, NIMDTA

GMC Definition of Bullying and Undermining
  • Bullying is behaviour that hurts or frightens someone who is less powerful, often forcing them to do something they do not want to do.
  • Undermining is behaviour that subverts, weakens or wears away confidence.
NIMDTA does not tolerate bullying and undermining.  If you feel unable to raise concerns through your Clinical/Educational Supervisor, Clinical Lead, or Director of Medical Education,  you should complete this form.

GMC Definition of Patient Safety
  • Raising concerns about potential patient safety issues or unprofessional behaviour on the part of staff, which may affect patient safety, is an important part of the duties of a doctor. 

If you have any concerns about potential patient safety whilst on placement, which you feel unable to discuss with the Clinical Lead or Educational/Clinical Supervisor, you should complete this form.

Any information you submit will be treated confidentially and accessible only by a very small number of senior members of NIMDTA staff approved to do so by the Postgraduate Dean.  We will acknowledge receipt of your concerns within 5 working days.

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