Bridport Town Council 5 Year Plan 2019-2024

1. Consulting on the Town Plan 2019-2024

Bridport Town Council is consulting the community on the new 5 Year Town Plan. The Town Council agreed to produce a 5 year plan in order to:

 Promote transparency – being clear what the Town Council priorities are and what actions will be delivered over the plan period 2019 to 2024,
 Set the functions of the Town Council in a strategic context – area/county/national/international,
 Provide a basis for securing funding – whether through the local precept, revenue generation or funding bids,
 Co-ordinate the Town Council’s work with others, and generate productive collaboration with partners,
 Provide the basis for oversight by councillors and others, and
 Ensure best value.

The deadline for receipt of comments is March 29th 2020. 

Thank You.

1. Do you support the new mission statement for Bridport Town Council?

Mission: "To ensure Bridport remains a thriving community and a healthy, attractive and resilient place in which to work, live and visit. A Rights-Respecting town and strategic centre for the West Dorset area with a vibrant retail, arts and cultural offer, set within a special and distinctive environment recognised as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (the Dorset AONB).".


2. Do you support the five strategic objectives for the Town Council for the next five years?

Responding to the Climate Change Emergency and the need for transformative action;
Delivering the ambitions of the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan;
Supporting a vibrant town centre including managing and developing Bridport’s market offer;
Promoting Bridport as ‘Dorset’s Eventful Town’;
Helping build a sustainable local economy.


3. Do you have any comments on the actions listed 'For the Town'?


4. Do you have any comments on the actions listed 'For the Community'?


5. Do you have any comments on the actions listed 'For the Environment'?


6. Do you have any comments on the actions listed 'For a Well Run Council (Best Value)'?


7. Any other comments you’d like to make about the Five year Plan for Bridport Town Council?: