Permit to carry out surveys on NRW managed land

Complete this form if you are planning to undertake a conservation, heritage or archaeological survey on land managed by Natural Resources Wales where a permit is required. If you are planning an event or project, you will need a different application form (opens in new tab).

In order to assess your application, we need details of the proposed work so that we can offer any help you may need. Please submit all supporting documents with your fully completed application. When we have these it will take us 12 weeks to carry out an assessment. We cannot start considering your application until we have everything and will stop if we need to come back to you with queries.

Natural Resources Wales managed land includes working forests and National Nature Reserves. They are used by many different groups and individuals. We need to make sure that any activity is going to be safe and will not affect any other activities.

Your survey must not start until you are in receipt of a signed permit document from us. Until you have received this you cannot assume that your application will be approved.

Before filling in this application form:

Each application is considered on a case by case basis so it’s essential that you contact us (opens in new tab) about your event or activity before you start planning.