Halls for hire - business registration form


1. Name of business


2. Address and contact details of business:


3. Key contact person:


4. Please classify your business by ticking one or more of the following categories:


5. Please include a short description (75-100 words maximum) of your business and the products/services it provides.


6. If you deliver your products and services to your customers (as opposed to them visiting you), please specify the areas of the county that you cover by providing your location and indicating how far from that location you are able to travel.
(Distances are calculated as a straight line from the point of origin).


7. Terms and Conditions of Business

Description of the service
The service provided is an advertising listing on the website, www.hallsforhire.org.uk

Parties to this agreement
The 'supplier' of the service is Cambridgeshire ACRE, a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. The 'client' is the business/individual named on this application form.

The date of the agreement is given as the date the on-line form is submitted.

Term - period of agreement
The client's listing shall appear on the website for a 12 month period. The supplier will email confirmation to the client of the date from which their advertising listing will appear. The 12 months starts from this date. After 12 months the client will be given the opportunity to renew or remove their listing.

You may cancel your registration with www.hallsforhire.org.uk at any time.

Responsibilities of supplier
The supplier is responsible for uploading any registration requests in a timely fashion, normally 7 working days of receipt. The supplier will deal with any requests to remove a listing within 7 working days of receipt. The supplier will make reasonable endeavours to market the website and promote its use by individuals, groups, organisations and businesses in and around Cambridgeshire and West Norfolk.

Responsibilities of client
The 'client' is responsible for providing a properly and accurately completed registration form. The client must also take responsibility for providing an update to the supplier if any of the details provided in the registration form change over the period of the agreement.

I have read and agree to the above terms and conditions: *


8. Client Agreement:
I confirm that the business named in this application wishes to be listed on www.hallsforhire.org.uk. *