Family and friends of people living in care homes during Covid-19

1. Family and friends with loved ones living in care homes during Covid-19

Healthwatch Oxfordshire is an independent charity which listens to people who use NHS and social care services in Oxfordshire.

We want to hear from families of people who live in care homes and the impact that Covid-19 restrictions has had on you and your loved one. 

We aim to make a difference by representing your views.

Everything you tell us is confidential. If you would prefer a paper questionnaire, or require it in another language, please get in touch by calling 01865 520520 or emailing

1. Your consent: This survey is anonymous and confidential. However, Healthwatch Oxfordshire do make use of direct comments within reports, website and other materials in order to inform health and care services about what we hear. Any identifiable information will be removed.


2. Name of Care Home (Optional)


3. How have you been able to be in contact with your loved one since the first lockdown in March?


4. Can you tell us more about the personal impact this has had on you and your family?


5. Have you noticed any impact on the wellbeing of your loved one during Covid-19?


6. Do you have any suggestions that would improve your ability to keep in touch with your loved one?


7. Government have introduced new guidelines - do you feel that it has been easier to see your loved one recently?


8. How would you describe communication from the care home?

I have felt informed throughout lockdown
I have been able to speak to staff about my loved one's care when needed
I feel listened to
I feel my loved one has been listened to

9. Do you have any suggestions for how communication from the care home may be improved?


10. Have you have any concerns about the care of your loved one during this time?


11. Can you tell us about what has gone well during this time?


12. Is there anything you would like to say to decision makers and authorities in charge about the needs of you and your loved one at this time? Is there anything else you would like them to know?


13. We would love to hear the views of your loved one. If possible, please do take the time to ask them their thoughts and what they wish to tell us and fill in their comments here:


14. If you would like to speak to us anonymously or in confidence, please leave your details below, or email us at and we will contact you - or just phone us on 01865 520520 to speak to our friendly staff.

We are also keen to hear from you if you would like to share your experiences or your story in more depth, or be part of a focus group discussion with others.


15. Are you?


16. Please tell us your age


17. Please tell us your ethnicity


18. Please tell us where you found out about this survey (e.g. Parish newsletter, social media, website):