Face Covering Exemption Card: Online Request Form

This Face Covering Exemption Card website is administered by Disability Equality Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government. 

The Scottish Government mandate the wearing of face coverings in settings such as shops, transport, most indoor public places and communal areas in workplaces.  Exemption cards are available for people who are exempt from wearing face coverings in accordance with the Scottish Government guidance.  

Through this online request form, we will need to collect personal information to send a physical exemption card to you. Disability Equality Scotland has procedures to protect any personal information that you provide. The Privacy Policy can be read on our website. Disability Equality Scotland is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the processing and storage of your data.

1. Please confirm both statements below:

1) You have read and understood the Scottish Government guidance on face covering exemptions.
2) Yourself or the intended recipient of the card has an exemption as laid out in the Scottish Government guidance. *


2. Please input your delivery address below, ensuring that each field is completed with the correct information. If requesting a card on behalf of someone else, please input their details.

Please note that we are unable to post physical cards to addresses outside of the United Kingdom. Physical cards do not come with a lanyard.


3. If you are requesting the card on behalf of someone else, please insert your details:


4. Is this a request for a replacement card, after losing or damaging a card? (This is just for informational purposes, your answer will not affect this request.)


5. If yes to the previous question, what happened to the card?


6. Do you give permission for Disability Equality Scotland to contact you in future regarding your experience of using the card? This survey is optional but will allow us to improve this service for future users. *


7. Please confirm that you have read and understood the Privacy Policy. *

Please remember to click 'Submit Request' below. Once your response has been recorded, you will see a message that reads "You have completed this survey". Please do not resubmit your request. Thank you.