Discharge from hospital with medicines - your experience


Discharge from a hospital stay with medicines - your experience

What is this about?
Healthwatch Oxfordshire want to hear the experience of people who are sent home with medicines after a hospital stay in Oxfordshire (at John Radcliffe, Nuffield Orthopaedic, Churchill or Horton).  Did you receive advice and support about the medicines you were given? Did you seek further help about how to use your medicines? What worked well and what could have been better? 

Who are Healthwatch Oxfordshire?
Healthwatch Oxfordshire is an independent charity for people who use health and social care services. We find out what matters to local people and make sure their views are heard by the people who make decisions about those services.

What do we want to know and why?
We want to hear from people who have been sent home from hospital with medicines. We will use what you tell us to in reports and information to those who design the service you receive, and to help make improvements.

This survey is anonymous - you do not have to say who you are and we will not identify you.  You can fill the survey in yourself or with someone you care for.  

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If you would like the questionnaire in another format or language, or if you would prefer to talk to us, or need help filling this in, please call Healthwatch Oxfordshire on 01865 520520 or you can email us at hello@healthwatchoxfordshire.co.uk.

1. Consent to use your comments.
This survey is anonymous - this means you don't have to say who you are, and you cannot be identified. We need to know if you are happy for your anonymous comments to be used by Healthwatch Oxfordshire in reports, on our website and other documents. Please choose Yes or No: *


2. Please tell us when you were discharged from hospital (tick one)


3. Which hospital were you discharged from? (tick any that apply)


4. Which ward were you discharged from?


5. At the hospital, tell us about the information and advice you received about your medicines to take home (let us know if you agree, disagree or are not sure about the following comments)

AgreeDisagreeNot surenot applicable
I was given all the information I needed about my medicines
The health professional gave me clear instructions and advice
The health professional took time to explain to me and answer my questions
The written information about my medicines was clear and easy to understand
I felt confident about going home with my medicines
I could not read the written information about my medicines
I did not receive any information about my medicines
I did not want to bother busy staff by asking for information

6. Can you tell us who gave you advice and information about your medicines to take home? (tick any that apply)


7. When you got home from hospital, how did you feel about taking your medicines? (tick any that apply)

AgreeDisagreeNot sureNot applicable
I felt confident in taking my medicines
I remembered the instructions I had been given
I felt uncertain about taking my medicines
I could not remember the instructions I had been given
I felt worried about making mistakes with my medicines
I felt uncertain about what my medicines were for
I felt concerned about side effects
I felt I wanted more support and information about my medicines
I had not got any information about taking my medicines

8. When you are back home, if you wanted advice or help on taking your medicines, where would you turn? (tick any that apply)


9. Have you heard about the Oxford University Hospitals Patient Medicines Helpline?