Business Rates Review consultation - More Frequent Revaluations


1. Does the proposed package of measures represent a fair and balanced trade-off for ratepayers between new benefits and new requirements? If not, please detail what adjustments you would like to see, to ensure a balanced package of measures that would support a 3-yearly cycle while taking account of deliverability constraints. (2000 words)


2. What steps could be taken to support ratepayers to comply with the new duties? For example, elements to reflect in the design of the reporting portal, or content that would be helpful to include in the supporting guidance. (500 words)


3. Are you supportive of the proposed approach to Transparency? Are there further elements you think should be made available as part of a Transparency offer? (500 words)


4. What steps could the Government, stakeholders, or industry take to support a smooth move to a 3-yearly cycle? (1000 words)


5. Do you have any other comments on the proposed approach to the move to a 3-yearly cycle? (1000 words)


6. Do you agree that that moving to a three-year cycle should be the Government’s priority for this stage of reform, and that going further should remain an option for the future? (1000 words)


7. Would you support a move to an annual revaluations cycle or a shorter AVD in the future, accompanied by the necessary enabling reforms set out in this chapter? (1000 words)


8. In what capacity are you responding to this consultation? *


9. What is the name of your organisation? *