Mobile Intelligence Solution for Sustainable Management of Wheat Pests and Soil Health


1. Where is your farm? (Postcode and name of the farm) *


2. What area of wheat do you grow? (e.g. 100 ha) *


3. What is your rotation (if you have one)? 
You can fill this like "ww/wb,osr/Vining peas/potatoes/maize/beans/ww/spring barley"


If not, what crops does wheat normally follow?


4. About the following pests,

Are you aware?Can you identify?Know what damage cause?Know threshold level?
Leather jackets
Bird Cherry Oat aphid
Wheat Blossom Midge
Frit Fly
Grain aphid
Wheat Bulb Fly
Gout Fly
Rose Grain Aphid

5. Who makes the decisions on pesticide requirements for your wheat crop? *


6. Do you use insecticides and molluscicide treatments on your wheat crops? *


7. How are the decisions made on when to use such a product (tick all that apply)? *


8. Do you use a pest modeling tool? *


If yes, for what pest do you use it for?


9. Are you aware of the term IPM? *


10. Do you use IPM in your pesticide decision making at present? *


11. Would a smart phone app be useful to help make pesticide decisions based on IPM principles? *


12. In what ways would an app be useful? *


13. Would you be willing to pay for such an app? *

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