Ofqual external experts: application form


1. Online form



This form allows you to apply to be on Ofqual's list of external experts.

As an expert on the list, we may commission you to provide expertise to support our regulatory functions. However, being on our list of external experts doesn’t guarantee that we will commission you for any assignments.

Before completing this form, please refer to the person specification, evaluation process, terms and conditions, and other information related to being one of our experts. You can find all this information at: www.gov.uk/apply-to-become-an-external-advisor-to-ofqual.

You should complete sections A, B, C, D, H, I and J, AND one or more of sections E, F and G, depending on your experience.

Please make sure you have:

  • read the associated guidance notes before you complete each section of the form
  • answered all the relevant questions as accurately and concisely as possible, in English
  • read and understood the terms and conditions
  • signed and dated the declaration in section J

Please send any questions or queries to: experts@ofqual.gov.uk.

Please note that the information you submit as part of your application to become an Ofqual external expert may be shared with other teams in Ofqual, if appropriate. You may therefore be contacted by those teams regarding the provision of services that are outside of the Ofqual external expert process.

Your information

The information you provide will be held by us. It will be used to process your application and to inform the commissioning of individual assignments. We will treat your identity in confidence. Ofqual’s online application process is handled by SmartSurvey. Your information will be stored and processed by SmartSurvey, which is based in the United Kingdom. Your details will not be shared, sold or used for any other purpose. Partially completed applications will be deleted after 1 month of the start date.

Information relating to successful applications will be retained for the length of your contract with Ofqual plus two years. Information relating to unsuccessful applications will be retained for six months. After this time, all information will be permanently deleted.


This form and the data you submit is managed through an online system run by SmartSurvey.

Your information will be stored and processed by SmartSurvey, who are based in the UK. Your details will not be sold by us.
Unless otherwise stated, your details will not be shared or used for any other purpose. For more information see our personal information charter.