Property Flood Resilience: property owners and occupiers 2021

1. Introduction

This survey is for those living or working in Hertfordshire, Dorset or North Lincolnshire. We are interested in your views on Property Flood Resilience.

This survey is being carried out by RPA Ltd ( with support from RAB Consultants Ltd.  It is part of a wider study for the Environment Agency on Property Flood Resilience.

The information you provide will be used by RPA and RAB to help determine the current level of understanding and uptake of Property Flood Resilience in your area. 

RPA ran a similar survey last year.  The results from the current survey will be compared with those from last year's survey to see if there have been any changes. The results will be reported to the Environment Agency.

Participation in this study is voluntary. You may participate whether or not you took part in last year's survey.  All information you provide will be reported anonymously.

We ask for you to provide your name and contact details if you are willing to take part in a follow-up interview to discuss your response in more detail. If selected for interview, your individual response will be used during the interview. None of your personal data (e.g. name or contact information) will be shared or made public.

Survey responses are anonymous, so cannot be withdrawn unless you provide your contact details in the final questions where you are interested in discussing your responses further in an interview. If you have submitted a response and would like to request to withdraw it, please contact