Sustainable Climate Action at UNA Europa Universities: The Role of Student Engagement (Roundtable Event)

Universities play a potentially huge role contributing to but also addressing climate change, and students are key to their climate mitigation success. UNA Europa - an alliance of eight leading European universities with global reputation and reach - is especially well positioned to exercise leadership in this area.

This event will explore UNA universities’ action on climate, with particular emphasis on student engagement. It will examine first what UNA universities can and should do to engage students in climate action, including through sustainability education, sponsoring student projects, practitioner events, and preparing students for sustainable careers and leadership. Conversely, students have been crucial in pushing Universities to recognise, address and prioritise climate challenges through their student voice and representation, mobilisation campaigns, energy and enthusiasm. 

This online interactive event will examine the role of UNA universities generally, and students specifically in the area of climate engagement. It will assess what action is working, and what more needs to be done to ensure UNA universities play a strong, pro-active, positive role addressing climate change and its impact. The format will include a roundtable of UNA students and academic speakers, followed by break-out groups where audience and panel members will explore further ideas for student and university engagement on climate change.

This event will be taking place on Thursday 10 February 2022, 2pm - 3.30pm (GMT). 

Virtual Platform: Zoom (the joining details will be emailed to those who have registered)

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There will be a Q&A section towards the end of the event - please submit any questions you would like to ask our panel below (there will also be the opportunity to submit questions during the event itself)