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1. 4 minute survey

Together we want to improve children's services and you can help us

The whole survey only takes 4 minutes and you could win a cash prize in vouchers of your choice! 
1st prize £150, 2nd prize £100, 3rd prize £50
Survey ends on Valentines Day  draw takes place next day, 15 Feb 

We are only requesting information  that is necessary for the purposes of this survey. Your information will be held for the length of this project and will be destroyed on 01/04/2019

1. Tell us how well your social worker supports you in these areas of your development. *

They support me very wellThey support me quite wellThey don't support me too wellThey don't support me at allDoesn't apply to me
Keeping my relationships going with my family
Being safe in my relationships with my family
The positive bits of being in foster care
Sharing good news and happy stories

2. Say whether each of these statements is true or false *

TrueFalseDoesn't apply to me
My social worker knows who the members of my family are and where they are
My social worker knows how I feel about school/college and what support I need there
My social worker respects my faith
My social worker respects my culture
My social worker respects my sexuality

3. How important is each of these to you? *

Really importantQuite importantNot too importantNot important at allDoesn't apply to me
Not to be labelled eg 'LAC' or 'in care' or 'child in need'
To have choices about what happens in my life
Help to prepare for being an adult
To be kept safe
Not to be moved around all the time
To be matched with a foster family that I will be happy and settled with
Feeling comfortable in talking to care professionals

4. When was the last time your social worker properly listened to you and paid attention to what you said? *


5. How well has your social worker helped you in these areas of your development? *

Helped very wellHelped quite wellDidn't help muchDidn't help at allDoesn't apply to me
Helping me understand why I was separated from my parents
Helping me understand why I have a child protection plan
Helping me understand why I have a child in need plan
Preparing me carefully before going into a foster/residential placement
Supporting me after I was placed in an emergency placement
Supporting me to live independently

6. What one thing can you tell us that will help us improve young peoples experience of social care?


7. Tick any of these that apply to you *



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