Williams Rail Review



The government’s vision is for the UK to have a world-class railway, working as part of the wider transport network and delivering new opportunities across the nation. The Rail Review has been established to recommend the most appropriate organisational and commercial frameworks to deliver the government’s vision.

The review is led by independent chair Keith Williams, the former chairman and chief executive of British Airways. It will support the delivery of:
  • commercial models for the provision of rail services prioritising the interests of passengers and taxpayers
  • rail industry structures that promote clear accountability and effective joint-working for both passengers and the freight sector
  • a system that is financially sustainable and able to address long-term cost pressures
  • a railway that is able to offer good value fares for passengers, while keeping costs down for taxpayers
  • improved industrial relations, to reduce disruption and improve reliability for passengers
  • a rail sector with the agility to respond to future challenges and opportunities
This call for evidence will inform the review. The review’s findings and recommendations will be published in a white paper in autumn 2019, with reform of the sector to begin in 2020.  

The following topics are not being considered by the review and this call for evidence:
  • public investment decisions made through existing franchise agreements
  • railway funding 2019-2024 commitments (Control Period 6)
  • High Speed 2 and other major projects
  • spending decisions made through the Spending Review 2019
Your evidence will be used to inform the review’s recommendations, the white paper, and the approach to implementation.

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