Ceva Animal Health is carrying out a farmer survey into Q Fever in cattle to assess the scale and on-farm awareness of the condition and the important role of vaccination in helping to prevent the disease.  Participants can be entered into a prize draw with a chance to win one of 10 Q Fever snoods.

1. What livestock do you have on your farm (please tick all that apply)?


2. Have you heard of Q Fever prior to today? *


3. What percentage of UK farms do you believe are infected with Q Fever *


4. What are the symptoms of Q Fever in cattle (please tick all that apply)? *


5. Do you believe Q Fever can affect animal health and productivity on UK farms?


6. Are you concerned about Q Fever on your farm?


7. What is your opinion about Q Fever on your farm? *

It is important to know if I have Q Fever on my farm
Q Fever is not a problem on my farm
I do not want to know whether I have Q Fever on my farm
We, as an industry, should control Q Fever at farm level to minimise the risk of transmission to humans

8. If you have had fertility, metritis or abortion issues in your herd has your vet talked to you about Q Fever? *


9. Which of the following is true or false? *

Q Fever is a virus
Q Fever can spread up to 11 miles on the wind
Q Fever can live for up to five months in soil
Q Fever is resistant to most common disinfectants
Q Fever may become more common the the UK due to climate change

10. Are you aware that there is a vaccine for Q Fever? *


11. Would you consider vaccinating your herd?


12. If yes:


13. If no:


14. Q Fever is a zoonosis and can infect people working with livestock. Please tick all routes where you think the bacterium can be spread both between animals and to humans: *


15. If you would like to participate in the prize draw, please enter your contact details below. By filling in your address details you are adhering to the terms and conditions of the prize draw as detailed below

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