Tell us what you did for the Young Money Challenge 2021!

We hope you have felt supported in delivering Young Enterprise’s: Young Money Challenge, and your learners enjoyed completing the Challenge in 2021. We’d like to hear your valuable feedback to help us to develop and improve our support to young people and educators.

Please be honest in your response as your feedback is confidential (unless you choose to provide your details at the end of the survey). If you have any questions please contact Young Enterprise at

1. Which of the following best describes you? Select one option. *


2. Which Young Money Challenge packs did you use? Tick all that apply. *


3. How many children or young people took part in Young Money Challenge activities this year? Please include learners who took part but didn't submit an entry. *


4. What age group were these children or young people in? Please select all that apply.


5. How likely are you to recommend the Young Money Challenge to a colleague? *

Please score with 1 meaning "not at all likely" and 10 meaning "extremely likely"

6. What was the BEST thing about the Young Money Challenge?


7. Which of the following were important in your decision to take part in the Young Money Challenge? Please select your Top 3.