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The complete survey solution for your business: give your whole team, department or company access to SmartSurvey.

How can a Business Account help you?

SmartSurvey’s Business Account provides comprehensive features that make working in a team and sharing the SmartSurvey online software within a company both efficient and cost effective.

These features include:

Multi-user management

Business Account customers can add multiple Users to one account. Each User is unique and will manage their own surveys independently without interfering with other User’s data, thus preventing any confidentiality issues.

You can also:

  • Create or remove individual Users (members of your organisation or team who will administer their own surveys)
  • Allocate a set response allowance to each User (this quota will be used across all surveys created by the User)
  • Duplicate and transfer surveys between User accounts
  • Create your own question library and share commonly used questions between Users
  • Change User privileges of surveys so you can share survey access between different accounts

Fully branded, highly functional surveys

Choose one of the 40+ ready-made survey templates in our Theme Library or create your own. Link to a customised thank you page or set up a custom re-direct on survey completion. Set up email notifications, response quotas, skip logic features, the save and continue option, a survey progress bar or allow respondents to attach files. You can also password protect your surveys and create question libraries to store all your most-used questions.

Unlimited surveys and unlimited responses

There are no restrictions on the number of surveys, pages and questions you can create. Plus, you can send and collect as many responses as you like.

White label branding

Fully brand your surveys with your own custom colours, backgrounds, headers, footers and more. You can also use your own URL, with your survey appearing under a subdomain of your choice, for example: We can also register new domain names on your behalf.

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How does the multi-user management feature work?

Your SmartSurvey Business Account will consist of an Administrator and multiple Users.


The Administrator is in full control of your SmartSurvey Business Account and manages the access rights and privileges of each User. You will need to select someone who will manage your dedicated SmartSurvey Business Account as the Administrator. The Administrator can create, manage and remove Users and can also set certain privileges for each User.


The User account allows individuals to create, manage, launch and analyse surveys exactly as they would do normally. User accounts can be shared by more than one individual, such as a team working on the same project. However, if two or more users require independent access for security or confidentiality reasons, then additional User accounts can be purchased and added on.

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