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Any CX professional will know the consumer research on customer loyalty: gaining a new customer involves five times the cost of keeping an existing one.

This makes the task of measuring loyalty all the more critical, and cost-effective. If your customers are not satisfied you need to know, and know why. If they are happy you can gain from understanding their reasons, too.

To do so, you need to run a customer loyalty questionnaire, regularly and to as large a sample as possible.

To get you started, if you need to understand the right customer loyalty questions to ask, the order in which to format them, and the best length of questionnaire to use, our example templates can get you up and running quickly and easily. We’ve picked three popular choices below, or you can view a fuller list of survey template options.

Taking this further, we also offer examples of customer satisfaction survey templates to measure consumers’ general experience of your company, the popular NPS question to measure consumers’ likelihood to recommend you, or customer service templates to highlight any strengths and weaknesses in your service delivery.

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