Survey Integrations

Get even more from your survey data by seamlessly integrating SmartSurvey with Salesforce, Office 365, Google and more.
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Build automated workflows that close the loop

Act quickly on critical feedback by automating and streamlining your CX data flow, to create memorable experiences that drive satisfaction and loyalty.


Transfer essential data from your SmartSurvey account into your critical business systems. And benefit from improved co-ordination and decision making across your organisation.

Through automation tools such as Zapier, we make it simple for you to build survey integration to and from popular applications including Office 365, Google, HubSpot and much more.

You can also integrate your surveys into your website analytics with Google Tag Manager.


Access your SmartSurvey data via a REST API, to appreciate fully customised workflows.

Automate your processes and get immediate updates to every response via webhooks. Enrich the quality of your insight through collecting timely and consistent feedback at key touchpoints.

Exchange data with your critical systems and workflows, thanks to our powerful survey API, that makes it simple for you to construct bespoke integrations.


Create notification alerts, whether that’s for yourself or others, via email in response to key customer events.

From alerting your customer care team to a poor NPS, CSAT, or CES score, communicating a new lead to your sales team, or simply gaining updates to responses as they come in, your alert options are limitless.

When you’ve set up alerts, you’re much better able to take the steps you need quickly to achieve the best customer outcomes.


Easily create simple or complex survey integrations and workflows without the need for coding, with the Zapier online tool.

With a simple interface that makes it easy to build workflows, you’ll quickly be able to link to over 1,000 of your favourite web applications, automating essential everyday tasks and saving you time.

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Integrate your surveys with one of the most popular CRM systems and pass data, contact records, key metrics and much more directly to objects in Salesforce.

It’s simple to build a survey integration that inserts or updates data to Salesforce in real-time, with no requirement to learn complicated code. Trigger Salesforce automations from specific survey responses and create cross-survey reports and dashboards using Salesforce’s powerful dashboard tools.

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