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Question Types & Customisation

From drop-down menus to customised matrix tables and multiple choices, our library of question types and handy customisation tools help you collect the data and answers you need.

  • For All Your Questions

    Gather preferences with ranking questions, opinions with rating questions and qualitative data using open-ended text boxes. Collect the data and answers you need with our user friendly question designer.

  • Smart Answer Restrictions

    Avoid the chance of invalid, inaccurate or incomplete responses by setting word count limits, 'other' choice fields, adding custom validation prompt messages, randomising answer options and making questions mandatory.

  • Rich Media Questions

    Design questions that allow your respondents to engage with videos, audio or images embedded within your surveys. This great feature can be used on any question type.


Question Types

Basic Question Types FREE PRO
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Multiple Choice (Only One Answer)

Respondents can select only one answer

Multiple Choice (Multiple Answers)

Respondents can select one or more answers

Single Textbox

Respondents can enter a short free form text answer

Multiple Textboxes

Respondents enter a series of short free form text answers

Comment/Essay Box

Respondents can provide a detailed text answer

Matrix of Choices (Only One Answer per Row)

Respondents can select one answer per row and column

Matrix of Choices (Multiple Answers per Row)

Respondents can select multiple answers per row and column

Matrix of Textboxes

Respondents can enter short text answers to rows and columns

Matrix of Drop-down Menus

Respondents can select drop-down answers for rows and columns

Ranking Question

Respondents are required to rank question options in order of preference

Date/Time Box

Allow the respondent to select a date from a calendar and enter a time as an answer

Descriptive Text

This can be used before or after any question to add informative text or imagery

Advanced Question Types FREE PRO
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Likert (Rating) Scale

A single-select rating scale.

Net Promoter Score

Measure customer loyalty by asking respondents to rate a product or business on a scale from 0 to 10.


Respondents can select a value from a continuous range by dragging a slider along the range.

Continuous Sum

Respondents provide numerical values, summed to a total.

Semantic Differential

Create a rating scale list of opposite adjectives for respondents to rate.

File Upload

Respondents can securely upload files as part of a survey response

Question Customisation FREE PRO
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Customise fonts and text size

Require an Answer

Respondents are required to answer a question before proceeding

Comment Box

Add an extra comment box/field at the end of any question.

'Other' Box/Choice Field

Allow respondents to provide a short text answer instead of the provided answer choices

Text Validation

Apply text format validation on open ended text questions, i.e. text length and word count limits

Answer Validation

Apply answer format validation on multiple choice (multiple answer) questions, i.e. force minimum/maximum number of options they can select

Forced Ranking

Prevent multiple selections in the same column or row

Randomise Answer Choices

Randomise the order answer choices of questions are displayed

Page/Question Auto-Numbering

Page and question numbering is automated based on the respondents path through the survey.

Show/Hide Question Numbers

Show or hide question numbers to all or some of your questions

Hide Questions

While your survey is live, hide questions no longer required without deleting

Custom Orientation

Change the orientation (vertical/horizontal) of answer choices for some question types

Add/Edit Answer Choices in Bulk

Get your survey created quicker with our bulk answer choice editor

Create Character/Word Limit

Limit the amount of text allowed within open-ended questions

Add Custom HTML to your Questions

Our question editor allows you to input your own custom HTML for full control

Custom CSS Class Name

Apply a custom CSS class name to your question element

Default Answers

Pre-set default answers to questions. You can even pipe from custom variables or contact list data.

File Upload Options FREE PRO
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Set Allowed File Types

Set the type of files respondents are allowed to upload

Set Maximum File Size

Limit the size of uploaded files

Require Min/Max Files

Request a certain number of files from your respondents

Rich Media Questions FREE PRO
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Add Videos

Embed YouTube videos into your questions

Add Images

Insert images into questions and answer choices

Add Audio

Embed audio files into your questions

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