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Survey Management Tools

Managing and organising multiple surveys should be as straightforward as creating them. With our clever survey management tools it is. Create folders for different surveys, easily find what you're looking for, and store themes and frequently used questions in Libraries.

  • Easily Manage Survey Responses

    Creating lots of great surveys means getting lots of responses. Keep track of the data you collect by setting response quotas, a survey end date and follow your completion rate statistics.

  • Organise Your Surveys

    It's great to keep organised. Create folders, sort and file away your surveys, use the search bar to quickly find what you're looking for and copy existing surveys within your account.

  • Very Useful Libraries

    Save your frequently used questions and survey themes into Libraries so you don't have to re-create them every time. Also, upload and save images and documents to use in your surveys.


Survey Management

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Copy a Survey

Copy existing surveys within your account

Survey Folders

Create folders and move surveys into folders

Sort Surveys (By Name, Results)

Easily sort through your surveys

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File Cabinet

Upload images and documents into the file cabinet and include them in your surveys.

Question Library

Save frequently used questions into the 'Question Library' so you can quickly add them to your surveys without having to re-create them each time

Theme Library

Select a theme from a list of ready-made themes or choose ones you created.

Address Book

Manage all your contacts for survey distribution within SmartSurvey

Response Management FREE PRO
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Anonymous surveys

Hide all identifiable information to keep results anonymous

Expected Number of Responses

Set an expected response limit to your surveys

End Date

Enter an end date for your surveys

Maximum Response Quota

Set a maximum responses limit for your surveys

Prevent Multiple Responses

Restrict responses to one per respondent (cookies based)

Survey Status

Switch your survey 'online' and 'offline' manually

Survey Response Notifications

Receive an email every time the survey receives a new response

Force Complete Partial Responses

Force a partial response to become a completed response.

IP Access/Blocking

Set to allow or block access of specific IP addresses to your survey.

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