French Surveys

Allow European respondents to provide feedback to your online questionnaires. Create French Surveys to make data collection simple.

  • Use our multi-language support feature to create French questionnaires
  • Create French surveys to make analysis and reporting easy
  • Present survey results in your chosen language

Globalisation means it is essential for researchers to be able to gather feedback from customers in all geographical locations.

Advanced survey solutions have made it possible to create surveys in any language. Create a survey in French to make gathering feedback from your European customers easy. SmartSurvey’s multi-language feature allows individuals and organisations to deliver surveys around the world, without having to hire translators to create new surveys for them.

Benefits of multi-language surveys

  • Collect accurate feedback to make informed decisions
  • Build trust and loyalty by speaking the same language
  • Gather more complete, informed responses
  • Reduce survey abandonment rates

Setting up a French survey

  1. Login and ‘Create a Survey’
  2. Select your default language
  3. Design your survey
  4. Add a ‘New Translation’
  5. Edit your survey translations

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