Salesforce Survey Integration

Seamlessly pass survey data to Salesforce with our native integration

Survey tools that integrate with Salesforce

Our integration enables any user to pass data from SmartSurvey to any object in Salesforce. Through the intuitive interface you can pick what information you want to pass in just a couple clicks.

Instantly add survey data to Salesforce such as NPS, Customer Effort Scores and Customer Satisfaction feedback to contact records.

Pass any response to any object, the potential is endless.

Connecting a survey to Salesforce

Account integration couldn’t be simpler

You can connect to Salesforce with just a few clicks. No need for codes and keys.

Each integration can push data into a Salesforce object

Using the Insert, Update, or Upsert functions, there’s huge flexibility in how you pass survey data to Salesforce.

Map SmartSurvey data to Salesforce object fields

An intuitive interface of drop-down menus allows you to create fully customised data pushes to Salesforce.

Create multiple integrations for a single survey

Each survey can have as many integrations as you need enabling you to pass response data to multiple objects in Salesforce simultaneously.

Detailed reporting and monitoring

  • Quickly test integrations and identify issues
  • Save time with no need for manual importing and exporting of data between Surveys and Salesforce
  • Boost productivity, enhance your security, know your customers
  • Personal data can be kept within secure apps and shared via encrypted connections, not spreadsheets

Create bespoke reporting dashboards

By feeding survey data into Salesforce, you can place the most critical information right at the fingertips of your team with live dashboards.

Automatically feed data from multiple touchpoints in the customer journey into Salesforce to build a complete picture of your customer experience.

Track Satisfaction with sales, support cases, and other interactions.

All compatible with your Salesforce setup.

To find out more about what integrating Salesforce with SmartSurvey can do for you, get in touch.

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