Korean Surveys

Creating your very own Korean Surveys has never been easier! Start creating online surveys in multiple languages today!

  • Make online surveys as accessible as possible with multi-language support
  • Use our UTF-8 encoding software for translating special characters
  • Mobile responsive surveys that integrate with social media networks

Reaching your target audience, wherever in the world they are, is essential to meet your business objectives.

Building surveys to gather actionable data has never been easier. SmartSurvey provides the software to create feedback forms and online questionnaires in a few simple steps. Online surveys are very easy and straight forward to setup, compared to print, they are also quick to distribute, record and analyse.

One of our most advanced features is full multi-language support. This allows respondents of all nationalities to provide feedback to your online questionnaires. You can create surveys in Korean, allowing respondents to better understand the questions, resulting in more complete responses to your questions.

When creating a survey in Korean, all results are compiled in one data set, making analysis and reporting simpler. The survey software presents results in your chosen language, for simple analysis, you can choose to receive the questionnaire answers in English, even if the survey was completed in Korean.

  1. Create – build surveys using the self explanatory wizard interface.
  2. Launch – distribute your survey by email or using the built in mail list feature for bulk distribution.
  3. Analyse – view automatically generated results in a form of charts, percentages and raw data.

For detailed instructions on how to create a survey in multiple languages, read this article in our Help Documents library.

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