Running surveys in multiple languages is a fantastic way of extending the reach and effectiveness of your online survey programmes.

But spreading your responses out across several surveys, one for each language, can be time-consuming and difficult:

  • You need to distribute different links for each survey, leading to a chance that respondents may never see the right link for their language.

  • After the survey’s been done, reporting is made more challenging in a number of ways – results are spread across several surveys, meaning that to get a unified set of results, you need to export and combine the responses into a single spreadsheet.

  • Often, you’ll also need to translate response text for multiple-choice questions back into the language you want to report in.

Running a Multilingual Survey takes away these difficulties by allowing a single survey to contain multiple languages at once.

  • Respondents can follow a single link to the survey and choose the language that’s right for them.

  • You can give respondents the option to change their language selection at any point of the survey.

  • Your responses are all stored together for combined reporting and can be filtered by the selected language.

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