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Surveys for charitable and not-for-profit organisations

Online surveys are a cost-effective method of gathering the important market research and feedback you need to make your not-for-profit organisation or charity a success. Whether you need to measure interest in a potential fundraising idea, collect funder feedback or better understand the motivations of your volunteers, our online survey tool can help. Most importantly, we understand the financial constraints of not-for-profit organisations and charities, so offer not for profit discounts without compromising quality and service.

How can online surveys benefit nonprofits?

Get to know your volunteers better, assess their commitment and drive, evaluate how you could make their work even more rewarding … all with clever online surveys. Do they need more updates? More support from team leaders? Discover the insights needed to make your volunteers as satisfied and, therefore, effective as possible.

Do you know what events your donors really want to attend? What are their motivations for donating? What will make them open their wallets!? By sending a short online survey to your potential attendees and donors you can better understand the people supporting your charity or nonprofit. Also, ask what your attendees and donors thought of the fundraiser they recently attended with an event feedback survey. This will deliver valuable suggestions so you can make the next one even better.

Are you starting an academic research programme? Or a student carrying out a scholarly project? Perhaps you’re a researcher collecting data for a nonprofit? When you have hundreds of responses to collect and data to analyse, conducting this research with paper surveys is incredibly inefficient. An online survey software will remove the hard work so you can concentrate on analysing your findings. Plus, all your data is stored in one place, making organisation and analysis that much easier.

Examples of not-for-profit surveys

How can surveys be used by your not-for-profit organisation, project or charity? Here are a few survey types and their application:

Volunteer recruitment and feedback

How satisfied are your volunteers? As they’re on the frontline, do they have any suggestions? How do they think you can improve the recruitment programme? Why are volunteers leaving you? Conduct regular volunteer feedback surveys and make important decisions on how to improve your volunteer programme.

Market research

The best way to attract and retain support for your nonprofit is to fully understand your donors, funders and volunteers. Market research surveys help you collect hard facts about your target market and their motivations. Don’t guess when it comes to your worthwhile cause, make informed decisions.

Event planning and feedback

Would your donors prefer an auction of promises or charity masquerade ball? How did the charity fun run go and were there enough cakes at the bake sale? Find out by conducting online surveys before and after your events. The results will produce insights to help you reach your donation targets, create more awareness and increase attendance.

Volunteer management

Do your volunteers think the training they receive is adequate? What do the volunteers think of the managers and co-ordinators? Are they getting enough feedback about their achievements and updates about the charity? Evaluate your volunteers with online surveys and collect actionable feedback to improve volunteer retention.

Marketing research

Are you sure your charity’s new advertising campaign will pack a punch? Don’t waste time and money on an idea that might flop, conduct an online concept testing survey prior to launch. With a small group of your target market or volunteers use A/B testing to find out which creative is strongest, what tagline resonates best, and if your charity’s marketing message is clearly received.

Donor feedback

It goes without saying that the support of donors is imperative to the progression of your charity. By distributing donor feedback surveys you can discover if your donors truly understand how their money is spent, how it helps your cause, and how well you communicate with your funders. Keep your donors engaged and you’ll keep the money coming in!

Academic research

Online surveys can be used for not-for-profit research across every academic field; from economics, social studies and education to medical research, sports science and childhood development. Create and distribute surveys to your own contact list or, if you don’t have respondents, use our Consumer Panels service and get all the responses you need in a matter of days.

Education surveys

Student and teacher feedback, student and teacher satisfaction evaluation, school climate and training course evaluations … there are multiple purposes for online surveys in the education sector. What decisions do you need help with? Find more inspiration here or contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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