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Building online surveys has never been easier. SmartSurvey is designed to deliver professional yet simple surveys online without the need to install any software on your desktop.

SmartSurvey is a web based service for building online surveys, feedback forms, questionnaires, assessments and many more in just 3 simple steps:

  1. Create – build a survey using the user-friendly and self explanatory wizard interface.
  2. Launch – distribute your survey by email or using the built in mail list feature for bulk distribution.
  3. Analyse – view automatically generated results in a form of charts, percentages and raw data.

Whether you are looking to build customer satisfaction surveys, academic research surveys, employee questionnaires, or patient feedback forms, SmartSurvey offers an online survey builder tool designed to help you easily create a professional survey.

Our survey builder will design your entire survey. It will format your questions and place them in a user friendly way that is simple to read and respond to.

It also allows you to customise your form, questionnaire or survey, by placing a business logo or simply supplying images related to your questions. This is generally overlooked as most people believe the aesthetics of a set of questions do not necessarily affect the response and results, however with better design it has been proven that it does.

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SmartSurvey offers a complete solution for building surveys. To explore how surveys can illuminate your own business decisions, research or customer engagement, why not sign up today and take advantage of our free account.

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