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With multiple survey solutions on the market, concerns around GDPR compliance and where data is stored and accessed, plus the uncertainty Brexit brings, choosing a survey platform can be a daunting task.

We’re here to make your life a little easier. We are 100% UK based and our survey tool is trusted by 400,000+ customers, and by over 500 leading UK brands, government and public sector departments.

SmartSurvey vs SurveyMonkey comparison table

Main features SmartSurvey SurveyMonkey
Unlimited number of surveys and questions:
No restrictions under our professional, business and enterprise plans.
Powerful analysis features:
It’s simple to filter survey responses for important statistical data and text analysis.
Multiple file export types:
Export your survey data easily to excel, word, pdfs and much more.
Advanced Skip Logic:
Ask the right questions through skip logic, piping, scoring and randomisation.
Unlimited number of responses:
Enjoy unlimited responses with our professional, business and enterprise plans.
Report scheduling and automated send:
Get reports of your survey results to the right people when they need them, through our report scheduler and automation tools.
Custom domain branding:
Make it easy for customers to recognise you, by branding your survey links with a domain of your choice.
SMS distribution & tracking:
Distribute surveys via SMS and quickly reach respondents anytime, anywhere.
Rest assured that all your data is stored on UK/EU based servers.
Data Protection Act:
We’re compliant with the Data Protection Act, meaning data collected through SmartSurvey is owned by ‘you’ the user.
NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT):
Partner with providers that comply with key industry accreditations. We are compliant with industry standards that include the DSPT, which is critical for organisations with access to NHS patient data and systems.
Email tracking & automated reminders:
Easily track, open and view failures, opt-outs and completes for every respondent in your contact list.
Dedicated account manager:
Get support when you need it from a dedicated account manager.
Send Together:
Optimise the performance of the very first survey you create and distribute, thanks to our customer support experts working closely with you.
Telephone support:
Get the telephone support you need. Our friendly expert support team is available anytime between 9AM-5.30PM in the UK.
Security Scorecard overall score:
Partner with a provider that can offer you the highest security assurances. According to industry experts SecurityScorecard, we currently offer the most secure platform for survey software among our competitors.
A (98). B (87).

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Why choose SmartSurvey?

Storing your data in the UK/EU

When it comes to survey software, data security is one of the most important features to consider. It’s why we’re GDPR compliant and host and store all our data in a secure, UK based data centre. So, our users can be rest assured that we offer the highest levels of data protection and security, and their data is never at risk of leaving the UK.

Domain branding

We offer the capability for you to fully customise your online surveys, which includes branding of your survey links. We also give you the opportunity to use your own domain name as part of your survey link, where a sub domain of your choice replaces your default survey link.

Convenience for respondents

We’re continually working to make things simpler and more convenient for your respondents. Through our “Save and continue” feature, your respondents can take a break from a survey at any time and return to it at a more convenient time via a unique link sent to them through email. Once they click the link, from any device, they’re taken right back to where they previously left the survey.


Ensuring your surveys are fully accessible, so that everyone that wants to respond can do so, is critical, no matter what industry you work in. It’s why we comply to WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). With our accessible survey themes, we give you what’s needed to ensure your surveys meet the highest current standards for accessibility. Add alt text to your images and create surveys that can be easily navigated without a mouse and keyboard.

Value for money

When it comes to offering great value, we can promise to match any formal quote for a like-for-like service. For more details contact our accounts team.

Great customer support

Support is always available when you need it. Call us anytime between 9AM-5.30PM in the UK to talk to our friendly, expert support team. We’re committed to solving your issues as quickly as possible, so you can continue with collecting essential data without having to wait for a response to a support ticket or email.

Full control of your branding

Maintaining your brand image and identity is essential, which is why our survey theme options offer you a huge amount of flexibility to create and customise a unique look and feel for your surveys. This includes the ability to edit fonts, colours and styles via a simple editor, or gain access to full customisation options through custom JavaScript and CSS. We can even offer the capability for those who need it, to create a white label survey theme for you.

Built for teams

Besides being able to share survey resources, it’s simple for business users of SmartSurvey, to enable multiple users for their account and allocate different survey functionality permissions to different users. For organisations handling sensitive data, this is crucial to ensuring that data is only visible to the people who need to see it.

Security Scorecard

We take security issues extremely seriously. From network security, DNS health and patching cadence, to application security, social engineering, endpoint security and more. When it comes to security, you won’t find a more secure platform than ours for survey software, having been judged the safest by industry experts SecurityScorecard.

Solutions to meet any survey need


Get started with all the tools you need to quickly create great looking surveys and start collecting feedback.


Access our most advanced tools, features and integrations to power your feedback activities and drive change.

Safe & secure

Security is our most important feature
and we take it seriously

Security features

Enable SSL encryption on any survey. Apply password protection and IP restriction on user accounts and survey responses.

ISO 27001 certified

The highest possible standard for data security. An internationally recognised system for keeping information assets secure.

UK/EU based servers

All data is stored and backed up on UK/EU-based servers.

Data Protection Act

Fully compliant with EU Privacy Laws and registered under the Data Protection Act.

You’re in safe hands

EU & UK GDPR Compliant logo.
ISO 27001 Information Security Management logo
HM Government G-Cloud Supplier logo
Cyber Essentials Plus logo
ICO logo
PCI DSS Compliant logo
FSQS Registered logo.

Success stories

Trusted by leading companies and brands worldwide. More than 400,000 people rely on SmartSurvey to collect data online.

Birmingham City Council

Thanks to SmartSurvey, our communication strategy is making us stand out from the crowd. By using SMS, asking the right questions and acting on results, IKEA is one step ahead of the competition.

Alastair, IKEA

We couldn’t be happier with Smartsurvey, we love its functionality and flexibility. This means we have been able to use one survey tool across many parts of the business.

Martin, uSwitch

Why is choosing a UK-based alternative important?

When you work with any survey software it’s important you take the time to understand where data is stored and processed from. If a vendor is based in the US, and the software is hosted in Germany, data may be transferred and processed in two different countries! Different countries have different data protection laws and they need to work in compliance with GDPR if processing the data of European Union Citizens as well as UK data laws.

So not only do you need to understand your own country’s data protection laws, you also need to be aware of the data protection practices and trends in the third country that your data is being transferred to. If data protection breaches are rarely addressed and poor enforcement is taken to safeguard data in those third countries, this could mean disaster in terms of damage to your organisation’s reputation and potential fines if something goes wrong. To make matters worse, being smart about data protection has become even harder with uncertainty around Brexit.

SurveyMonkey FAQs

Is SurveyMonkey GDPR compliant?

Yes, Survey Monkey is GDPR compliant, as is SmartSurvey. You can find out more about how we comply with GDPR check out our GDPR page.

Is SurveyMonkey secure?

Yes, Survey Monkey is secure. So is SmartSurvey. We both conform to ISO 27001, among the most rigorous security and compliance standards worldwide, with certification conducted by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

Unlike Survey Monkey we are also Cyber Security Plus accredited. Cyber Essentials is a Government backed scheme designed to help organisations of all sizes protect themselves against common cyber-attacks. Certification is a requirement for companies looking to bid for central government contracts sensitive and personal information or the provision of certain technical products and services are involved. Accreditation for Cyber Essentials Plus requires a hands-on technical verification, giving you further peace of mind.

Is Survey Monkey confidential?

Yes, SurveyMonkey is anonymous and confidential. So is SmartSurvey. Offering confidentiality is important if you wish to encourage people to take part in your survey. With our platform you can easily create anonymous surveys in just a few clicks.

Is SurveyMonkey free?

Yes, Survey Monkey offers a free plan. So does SmartSurvey. Our free plan allows you to test out the key features of our platform without charge, and without needing a credit card. You can find all about our different plan types here.

How much does SurveyMonkey cost?

Survey Monkey offers a range of plans, starting from £99 per month, or £384 pounds if you pay annually (prices correct as at September 2020).

Alternatively, SmartSurvey paid plans start from just £30 a month or £360 if billed annually. Unlike SurveyMonkey, SmartSurvey do not charge for additional responses, the price you see in the plan is the price you pay. For more information please see our pricing page.

What is SurveyMonkey used for?

Survey Monkey is used for a wide range of different research applications from customer experience to market research and employee engagement, as well as many other practical applications.

SmartSurvey can be used for the same applications, but with free support by phone, live chat on all plan types. So, irrespective of what you want to build, and the plan type you choose, you have the support you need to achieve your goals.

Pro vs Standard

✔ – Your surveys and all your survey data is stored on our UK & Ireland servers

✔ – You’ll get to use question and page randomisation to improve accuracy and reduce bias

✔ – You can quantify free-text responses and generate charts with text analysis

✔ – You’ll get comprehensive email, ticket and phone support during business hours

Business vs Advantage

✔ – You’ll be able to customise and send survey invites instantly via the bulk email tool

✔ – You can secure access to your surveys & data with two factor authentication

✔ – You can fine tune your survey with advanced skip logic, piping & custom url variables

✔ – You’ll get your own dedicated account manager to help you with technical issues

Enterprise vs Premier

✔ – You can collect responses without an internet connection using offline mode

✔ – You’ll be able to boost your response rates and reach by sending survey invites via SMS

✔ – You’ll have access to an account manager and our specialist customer success team for in-depth training and personalised support

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