Product Satisfaction Survey Template

Struggling to find the right questions? Pressed for time? Use this product satisfaction feedback template to get started quickly.

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Product feedback questions in this example

To get you started quickly, this questionnaire template comes pre-populated with example questions you may wish to ask customers who have purchased your products. These can be quickly and easily amended, and questions added or removed, to meet your exact needs. Other question types are available, and any customer survey template can be styled to reflect the brand identity of your business or products.

With regards to your most recent experience with [COMPANY], was the quality of customer service you received…

Multiple choice question with single-select answer.

If you indicated that the customer service was poor or very poor, would you please indicate why?

Free-form text box.

Taking into consideration the features and benefits of the product itself. How satisfied are you with the product?

Multiple choice question with single-select answer.

Would you please take a few minutes to describe why you are not satisfied with the product?

Free-form text box.

What are your favourite things about this product?

Multiple-choice checklist with multiple-select.

The following statements refer to your recent conversation with the sales representative, please indicate whether you agree or disagree.

A matrix question of 3 statements, including “The sales person was very courteous” and “The sales person was very knowledgeable and understood my needs”

Are there any comments about the sales person that you would like to add?

Free-form text box.

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