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Struggling to find the right questions? Pressed for time? Use this course feedback survey template to get started quickly.

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Course feedback questions in this example

To get you started quickly, this questionnaire template comes pre-populated with example questions you may wish to ask your course participants. These can be quickly and easily amended, and questions added or removed, to meet your exact needs. Other question types are available, and any questionnaire template can be styled to reflect the identity or branding of your school, business, or student project.

Why did you take this course?

Multiple choice question with single-select answer.

What year of education are you in?

Multiple choice question with single-select answer.

Did the course meet your expectations?

‘Yes/No’ question.

Would you recommend this course to others?

‘Yes/No’ question.

If no, why not?

Free-form text box.

Would you take another course by the same provider?

Multiple choice question with single-select answer.

How could the course be improved, if at all?

Free-form text box.

What is your gender?

Multiple choice question with single-select answer (edit according to your requirements).

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