Integrate with thousands of your favourite web apps to automate tasks and save time

SmartSurvey’s integration with Zapier lets you link to more than 1,000+ everyday web apps, such as Salesforce, Office 365, Google Sheets, and Facebook to automate your everyday tasks. A Zap is quick and easy to set up, and requires absolutely no knowledge of coding whatsoever.

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How Zapier Works

A Zap is a blueprint for tasks you may have to do over and over again: "When I get a new thing in A (a trigger), do this other thing in B (an action). SmartSurvey can be both a trigger and an action, and you can mix and match them to automate just about anything.

An example might be - A new lead created in Salesforce could trigger a survey to be automatically sent to them - You can create as much granularity as you need. For instance, you might say that the phone number from your SmartSurvey contact form should be the work phone of your new Salesforce lead. Say you receive five new entries, Zapier takes each one and makes a new lead in Salesforce, customized to the way you specified in your Zap.

Without any more effort from you, data flows from one service to the other!

How to automate SmartSurvey with Zapier

1. Sign up for a SmartSurvey account, quickly and easily, and make sure you also have a Zapier account

2. Try some pre-made SmartSurvey integrations and learn more about how SmartSurvey works with Zapier

3. Check out our SmartSurvey help documentation for details on connecting your account and setting up your first Zap

By creating a Zap, you make a connection between two apps and simply select a Trigger and an Action to automate the task of your choice.

Examples of SmartSurvey Zap's

Link SmartSurvey to a wide range of apps and services you already use, including Salesforce, Office 365, Google Drive and more...

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How much does it cost?

There is no additional charge to create Zaps, but you will need to upgrade your SmartSurvey account to a Business or Enterprise plan to take full advantage of Zapier integrations. You can sign up for FREE to SmartSurvey and when you are ready to create your first Zap, get in touch with our friendly support team to upgrade your account to get started.

GDPR compliance with SmartSurvey

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes law on 25th May, 2018, so you need to build data protection into everything you do. The SmartSurvey API gives you access to secure survey data for use in your own app. If you need any help, we can provide you with the GDPR templates and consultancy services you need to become fully compliant.

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