Language Support

SmartSurvey Allows you to collect survey data in any language.

To get the right answers for your questions, you need to be sure that your respondents understand what you’re asking, and this means making sure that your survey is in the best possible language for them to respond in.

SmartSurvey allows you to create surveys in any language and translate or localise every bit of text that a respondent will see, whether that’s question text, or functional items like buttons or error messages.

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Multilingual Surveys

While all SmartSurvey users can create surveys in any language, Enterprise users can crate surveys that have multiple language options on a single survey.

This has major benefits for both respondents and researchers.

Respondents can choose to respond to a language that best suits their needs, making it easier and quicker for them to respond.

Researchers get to have all the responses collected into a single survey for reporting, with no need to export the collected responses and combine them to get a unified set of results.

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